How to Bet on Horse Racing Online for Beginners

Horse racing betting today is a long-standing entertainment game and attracts special attention from the community. With the development of technology, players can participate in betting matches right away with personal internet-connected devices. So, How to Bet on Horse Racing online? Please follow 188JILI‘s article below for the most detailed answer.

Popular types of horse racing bets today

Popular types of horse racing bets today

Explore the world of horse racing through today’s popular bet types, from thrilling Win to W/P. Read now to understand How to Bet on Horse Racing for each category and enjoy an exciting experience.

Bet Win

With the Win bet, you just need to place money on a horse that you believe will finish first on the racetrack. If you choose multiple horses and all of them reach the rank, the bonus will be calculated according to the Win rate. The bonus calculation formula is:

Bonus = (Money) x 3.8 (3.8 is the minimum Win rate).

Bonus points = Bonus – Capital.

Popular types of horse racing bets

Plc Betting – Place

With the Place option, the player will simply place money on the horse they believe will be in the top, maybe top 3, top 5, or top 7. This depends on the number. number of horses participating in the competition or specific regulations of the house. If that horse returns to the exact position you placed, your ticket will win

Bet W/P – Win/Place

  • With W/P betting, the player will divide the money into two equal parts, that is, 1/2 will be placed on Win and 1/2 on Place. The result of your ticket will depend on the final position of the horse you bet on at the bookmaker:
  • Horse wins outright: This happens when the horse the player has bet on finishes first. The bonus will be calculated as (1/2 money x Win rate) + (1/2 money x Place rate).
  • Horse finishes 2nd or 3rd place: If it finishes 2nd or 3rd place, the player will win half, meaning only need to win on the Place bet. Bonus will be (1/2 money x Place ratio).
  • The horse returns outside the top: In this case, the entire bet will be lost, and the loss will be equal to the total bet placed.
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The most detailed guide How to Bet on Horse Racing Vg99

The most detailed guide How to Bet on Horse Racing Vg99

Although horse racing is not a popular sport in Vietnam, it attracts the attention of many players. If you consider it a form of making money and want to take it seriously, the following How to Bet on Horse Racing will be necessary:

Step 1: Log in to bookmaker Vg99 using the official link. If you don’t have an account, just select the “Register” button to set up. After logging in, players proceed to deposit money into their betting account.

Step 2: On the home page, click on the “Horse Racing” section, the system will display the main interface, and now just click on the betting portal.

Step 3: The horse racing game here has many different bet levels. Choose a level that suits your abilities and finances. If the player does not have much experience, the bet should be low.

Step 4: After choosing the appropriate bet level, the system will appear the main interface of the game. You will have a certain amount of time to think and place money on the race and the horse is expected to win.

How to Bet on Horse Racing sure to win from the masters

How to Bet on Horse Racing sure to win from the masters

Participating in online horse racing is not difficult. However, winning this bet is not an easy task. Below, we will share with bettors How to Bet on Horse Racing from the master’s betting tips to have a chance to win big:

Understand carefully the rules of online Horse Racing

Although participating in horse racing is quite simple, the step of learning playing techniques should not be overlooked. Mastering these rules helps bettors be more confident when building betting strategies.

Similar to traditional sports betting, when playing online horse racing, bettors still bet on the horse they trust. However, the difference is that there are more betting windows and the race time is shorter. Therefore, to avoid getting lost when participating, bettors need to clearly understand the rules and how to play in online horse racing.

How to Bet on Horse Racing – Collect information about horses

Choosing the horse to bet on plays an important role and has a direct impact on the player’s ability to win when participating in betting. Whenever deciding to bet, players need to consider carefully to choose the horses they trust. This requires players to understand that no one can continuously maintain victory.

Hopefully the How to Bet on Horse Racing sure to win that has shared above will be useful information to help you improve your knowledge. Wishing all bettors good luck and success!

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