How to play the card game catte for beginners?

How to play the card game Catte is a topic discussed by many players because of the novelty and appeal of the game. However, the game still has a certain level of difficulty that makes players feel a headache every time they play. Therefore, 188jili has compiled an article instructing participants on how to play and good tips to win when playing.

Learn brief information about the catte game

Learn brief information about the catte game

In the list of popular casino games today, it is impossible not to mention the Catte game, also known as Sac numb or Cut numb depending on the region. Originating from India, this game has spread all over the world and is especially popular in Vietnam, attracting a large number of players.

Part of the card game system, Catte is a unique game, different from other card games, although it still uses a deck of 52 cards. In Catte, each game requires at least 2 participants, but there can be a maximum of 5 to 6 players, each player will be dealt 6 cards.

Instruct players how to play the standard catte card game

Instruct players how to play the standard catte card game

Although the game Catte is quite popular, there are still many new people who do not know how to play the card game Catte properly, according to the rules. If you don’t know how to play Catte, the following instructions will help you understand and participate correctly.

The Catte game is divided into 6 rounds, including the first 4 rounds and the last 2 rounds, each round has a different way to play. Below is a detailed description:

Refer to how to play the card game catte in the first 4 rounds

Refer to how to play the card game catte in the first 4 rounds

Before starting a game of Catte, players need to place a bet. In the first 4 rounds, players will “fight” each other to compete for the right to play the final 2 rounds. In the first game, the first player will become the table owner, while subsequent games will have the winner of the previous game go first.

Playing takes place from the player on the left to the player on the right, clockwise. After the first player plays a card, the next player must play a card of higher value. If the player cannot play a higher card, he can turn one card face down to skip his turn.

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The next players will do the same until no one can play a higher card or face down. If no one can block the card being played, that player will participate in the final 2 rounds. When the first 4 rounds end, any player who has placed their cards face down and lost all their turns in those 4 rounds will be eliminated from the game and lose.

How to play the card game catte at online betting halls

Tell you how to play the last 2 rounds of the card game when playing catte

After round 4 ends, if at least 2 players are left alive, rounds 5 and 6 will continue. The winner of round 4 will show one card to the opponent and hide the remaining cards. The opponent will have two options: play a larger card of the same suit or, if they do not have a suitable card, they can turn one card face down and keep one card.

When it comes to round 6, all players turn their cards over. If any player has a card of the same suit and greater than the dealer’s last card, that person will be the winner.

How to play the card game catte at online betting halls

How to play the card game catte at online betting halls

Nowadays, catte has gradually become more popular with players at online betting halls. Therefore, players often go to the betting hall to compete with many other bettors around the world. To participate in gambling at online betting halls, you need to take the following steps:

  • Step 1: Register/log in to a betting account at a reputable betting hall
  • Step 2: Click on the magnifying glass to find the catte game section
  • Step 3: Choose a table with a suitable bet level for yourself
  • Step 4: Apply skills and experience to win against opponents

Good tips when playing catte online

As said, playing catte is not difficult, but winning is not easy. You will have to surpass other players in the card game to win the bet. Therefore, do not miss the valuable experiences we provide below:

  • To win in Catte, master the rules of the game – the indispensable basics.
  • Keep a stable mentality to make smart decisions.
  • Calmness always aids in creating smart tactics and dealing with opponents.

Managing time and betting capital is the key to playing Catte successfully. Limit sitting for long periods of time to avoid fatigue and loss of concentration.


We have provided you with the standard and good way to play the card game Catte through the above article. There’s nothing else that makes you hesitate, but don’t sign up for a fish account to enjoy memorable moments with this game.

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